Tottenham Hotspur struggle in convincing Jose Mourinho’s high prime target from the Serie A to join this summer transfer market.

Tottenham Hotspur has been poor this season. Being last season’s Champions League finalists, it was quite unexpected for them to be in this bad shape this season. With the departure of Christian Eriksen causing the lack of creativity in the midfield, along with the injuries surrounding the whole team primarily star striker Harry Kane, the North-London side has been struggling to find their goal-scoring form, and are a long way away from their winning ways.

The team calls for re-enforcements and re-structuring, and Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho has been entrusted as the man to carry it out. One of the players he has on his radar is Italian midfielder Nicolo Zaniolo, who currently plays for AS Roma.

The attacking midfielder has been really good this season and would serve as a good prospect for any team. His playstyle is admired by many, including 2018 Balon D’or winner Luka Modric saying he is a huge talent and prospect. Even though there are questions regarding the player’s lack of attitude and responsibility, it won’t be much of a problem for Mourinho as he has managed his fair share of players with ‘strong’ personalities.

He might be able to guide the Italian in the right direction for his own and the team’s profit. But that is not the only problem Tottenham Hotspur face for the signing of the youngster. Currently, Roma finds itself in a tough financial situation like the rest of Italy. They are looking for around 50 million euros for the youngster, denying offers from teams like Juventus involving player plus cash deals.

Tottenham is not front runners to sign the player and must gather funds to meet Roma’s demands, which seems quite unlikely and difficult during these times. But if reports are to be believed midfielder Tanguy Ndombele might potentially be traded to Inter Milan for Brozovic or Skriniar.

That move could strengthen Tottenham’s midfield or defense, as they are both quality players and the Spurs, have lacked in both the departments, but if he is to be sold they might have enough money to make a move for the Roma player. Zaniolo’s playstyle and his potential to improve can be a huge asset for Spurs and although a long way away, might help their chances of winning a title and ending their long-lasting trophy drought.

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