Tottenham Hotspur coach, Jose Mourinho, is planning to relieve Barcelona of their struggling star.

Like many other coaches, Mourinho, has identified the weak spots of his squad and has prepared a list of possible signings for his Premier League side. The Portuguese coach alongside the club’s chairman, David Levy, has chosen a struggling Barcelona youngster as one of their many signings.

Spurs are looking to sign a huge liability from the Catalans and help them polish their own ranks. Ousmane Dembele was one of the biggest signings in the recent history of Football Club Barcelona and an equally big disappointment. Partly due to the player’s lack of motivation, and majorly due to his recurring injuries, the young forward has failed to impress the higher-ups at Camp Nou.

Arguably, the fault isn’t entirely his and perhaps the lack of patience and wrong training methods from the coaching staff of the Spanish side led to his downfall. Either way, Barca will surely be looking for takers for their 138 million signing that failed to showcase brilliance.

At a mere 23 years of age, and with the great potential that the Frenchman once showed as a teenager, Tottenham could be gaining a superstar in the making, if they’re patient and train him appropriately. After this season, it was quite evident that the English side needed some offensive reinforcement and with the speed and age of Dembele, he could be a perfect solution.

Club President, Josep Maria Bartomeu, is looking to offload a number of players this season to generate funds, and many players have found themselves on the exit list, including Dembele, fellow Frenchman Antoine Griezmann and even Philippe Coutinho. The sale of the youngster is the biggest priority, with a current value of 85 million euros, which could help the Catalans afford expensive targets like Neymar and Lautaro Martinez.

Although Dembele has expressed his desire to stay at Camp Nou and prove his worth, that may not be an option anymore. Despite the fact that he rejected the offer from Manchester United, working with a strategist like Mourinho could convince him, especially since Bartomeu is adamant on his exit and has included him in a possible exchange deal for Neymar.

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