Real Madrid adopt a shocking measure to get rid of Gareth Bale who has no place in the squad under Zinedine Zidane

Real Madrid has been eager to get rid of Gareth Bale for over two seasons now. The Welsh winger was close to completing a lucrative move to China last summer, however, Real called off the deal as the club believed that they cannot sell their record signing for free. Since then, there have been no new offers for the former Tottenham Hotspur winger and Real’s struggle continues to get rid of the player.

However, it has now been reported that Los Blancos are willing to pay 50% worth of Bale’s wage to any team that decides to sign the player. Gareth Bale at the age of 31, earns approximately 15 million euros a year, and given his long list of injuries, no club is willing to take the risk of signing the Welsh international.

Having said that, the new measure adopted by Real Madrid has seen Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur reinstate their interest for the left-footed player. Apart from Bale’s possible return to north London being an emotional one, it is, in fact, quite a tactical signing for Mourinho.

If the Tottenham medical staff manage to keep Bale robust and fit for the majority of the season, Gareth Bale can offer a lot more than Lucas Moura or Steven Bergwijn can on the right flank. The Welsh international is still quite fast despite losing a year of pace and is quite lethal from inside or outside the box. Bale is also a set-piece specialist and an aerial threat during set pieces, a skill that both Moura and Bergwijn lack.

However, the question is whether Spurs would be willing to pay 7.5 million euros per year for a 31-year-old Gareth Bale. Bale’s fitness remains to be a strong concern as there is no surety on whether the player can stay fit for an entire season. Since the Premier League is extremely physical, Jose Mourinho would have to reconsider his options before opting for a fragile Gareth Bale.

Image Credits- Gareth Bale Twitter

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