Mesut Ozil receives a lucrative offer to leave Arsenal this season as the former Real Madrid midfielder does not make Arteta’s plans.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many club’s economic situations have been affected in a bad way. Due to less revenue, football clubs do not have many funds to pay for their staff and players which led to many players taking pay-cuts to support their respective teams. One such club that hasn’t taken well to this situation is the Premier League side Arsenal. The Gunners announced that they would be firing a total of around 55 staff members as a measure to keep their club financially afloat.

Many players had taken pay cuts to help the club, one player however decided against it, and it was German star Mesut Ozil. The 31-year-old refused to do so as he questions the motives of the people higher in the hierarchy of the club, and was also skeptical about the fact that nobody was told what was being done with the money.

He also stated that people were pressured to take pay cuts and the decision making required more time to follow through. With such controversies arising due to the former Real Madrid star, Arsenal might be looking to offload one of their star players.

Along with the controversies, with the appointment of new coach Mikel Arteta the World Cup winner has not seen much playtime for the London-side and many would argue that the days of one of the best attacking-midfielder of our generation are over. Though hard to swallow, the stats and recent performances of the German suggest the same, so it would be wise for the FA cup champions to offload him in the recent months.

Ozil also happens to be one of the highest-paid players at the club and with his departure, it would certainly reduce the wage bill that the Gunners have and can possibly help their financial situation or lay the foundation of more future transfers. The 31-year-old also doesn’t have a shortage of suitors with reports saying that he has been offered a hefty 15 million euros a year contract by Saudi Arabian side Al Nassr.

The player has also not trained with the squad and has been seen training with former team-mate Mathieu Flamini. It is unlikely that the Arsenal superstar would be wearing the red and white jersey again, and only time will tell which team he will end up paying for.

Image Credits- (c) Mesut Ozil Facebook

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