Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri draws up a list of players he would like to sign this summer market to build a squad of his desire for the 2020/21 season.

Former Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri was appointed as the manager of Juventus last summer, however, the Sarri ball effect is yet to take place. Although Juventus has nearly won the league they have not been really efficient about it, with the on-paper team the Turin based side boasts. 

The Bianconeri are better than any squad in the league but have struggled to put up good and consistent performances which are usually expected of them. One of the many factors would be the lack of communication between the players and the manager along with a stubborn attitude by Sarri to continue playing his style of football while not having the correct set of players.

To implement his famous Sarri ball style of play that was a huge success at Napoli, the former Naples manager has drawn up a list of the players he requires this transfer market.

 The Zebre’s midfield has become an ongoing joke amongst football fanatics. The Zebre have never seen such a disorganized, slow, and flair-less midfield. Many have even speculated that superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was frustrated with the way the midfield was functioning, and coming from a team which had arguably the best midfield in the world, it was bound to happen.

 Even though Bentancur has been good this season, the arrival of Arthur would help strengthen the midfield more and make up for the possible departure of Khedira. But, Sarri demands Chelsea player Jorginho who he thinks is perfect for the management of the team’s midfield. Also as Jorginho is of no use for the Blues under Frank Lampard, a possible transfer may take place.

However, the Italian-Brazilian was bought from Napoli for the cost of 50 million Euros and it is unlikely he would be sold further for any less. And looking at the current financial situation, a deal with that high price is not likely to happen.

 Talking about the firepower up front, the Juventus attacking lineup is filled with aging players like Cuadrado and Higuain who are currently 32, Cristiano Ronaldo who is 35, and Douglas Costa who is 29. Having said that, the Italian coach has made yet another demand for polish striker Arkadiusz Milik, who has played for him before.

The striker’s contract ends in just 11 months, but Napoli is still asking for over 40 million which is not viable. There are talks going on for a potential swap including Bernadeschi, but nothing is confirmed as of now. 

 The Bianconeri are yet to regain their title as one of the big European threats and as a favorable contender for the Champions League, but with the current financial situation in Italy, transfers with high price tags are not an option.

Image Credits- (c) Juventus Twitter

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