Manchester United’s prized target is keeping the option of signing for Liverpool next season as an open prospect.

After 30 years of waiting, Liverpool has finally lifted a Premier League title. Putting up a mind-blowing campaign resulting in only three losses and 99 points in the league, the Reds have been phenomenal this season.

With the attacking prowess of players like Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and the support by both full-backs in attack, the Reds have prospered. Virgil Van Dijk and Joe Gomez alongside Alisson Becker in goal has seen them reap defensive benefits and display efficiencyon both the ends of the pitch the results speak for themselves.

But reports are claiming that the deadly attacking duo of Mane and Salah might soon be dismantled, as they have been linked with moves to other clubs. If true, Liverpool must look for replacements who can give the same threat to the opposition with their pace and attacking capabilities and one such player that the Reds have had their eyes on is Borussia Dortmund’s winger Jadon Sancho.

The England international has been linked with a move to the Anfield for a long time, but the situation quickly changed as Chelsea ad Manchester United became front-runners in the race to sign him. However, a new development has arisen which might be good news for Jurgen Klopp. It is reported that personally, the Englishman would prefer to join the men the Merseyside as then he would have greater chances of lifting a trophy.

The addition of Sancho would be perfect for the team as he would create ample amounts of scoring chances along with the threat he provides in front of goal. With 17 goals and 17 assists this season in Bundesliga, the youngster does not need to prove his worth.

Previously, the newly crowned Premier League champions failed to sign their target Timo Werner which resulted in him joining Chelsea for just 47 million pounds, so the question arises- can the Reds afford him? With a price tag of almost double than the German international, it remains to be seen if manager Jurgen Klopp can bring the 20-year-old to Merseyside.

 Image Credits -(c) Jadon Sancho Twitter.

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