Manchester United have identified the sacrificial pawn they’ll use in order to increase chances of landing a player also wanted by Chelsea.

Manchester United have been keeping a close eye on Leicester City’s Ben Chilwell and are apparently leading Chelsea in the race to sign him. 

As per the Mirror, the Red Devils have leapfrogged their rivals in the Blues and Manchester City in the race to sign the highly rated English full back in Chilwell. He is valued at 60 million pounds now. 

It seems Leicester want to hold on to their prized possession for a bit longer and that is why they have given him a high valuation. Currently, the Old Trafford is the favourite to sign the 23-year-old. However, all is not said and done. 

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hasn’t directly discussed the probability of signing the prospect but did disclose that their performance in the transfer market ultimately depends on their Champions League qualification. It has been a close tussle between Leicester and the Red Devils for the fourth spot with almost nothing to separate the two sides except a solitary point with the Reds having played a game less. 

In all totality, it doesn’t make sense for the Red Devils to go after Ben Chilwell now because their target of the summer in Jadon Sancho is still at Dortmund and the PL league giants are yet to meet the asking price for the 20-year-old which is said to be around 100 million pounds.

The club must instead shift their focus on amassing funds to make their long-awaited signing. Spending 60 million on Chilwell when their defence has come good since the restart, doesn’t make any sense. 

However, if the Premier League giants do go through with the signings, it would leave Luke Shaw in troubled waters. He has had to fight for his place in the squad this season but has become a regular starter now. He has made 32 appearances this season with 9 of them coming post lockdown. 

Chilwell’s arrival could mean Shaw getting benched or him having to fight for his place again. In simple terms, Shaw is the price in addition to the 60 million that the Red Devils might be willing to pay. 

United do need to make a few signings this summer but some specific signings are needed more than this one. They should first complete that and if they qualify for the European Cup, they must return for Chilwell if he’s still available. 

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