Manchester United left the fans unsatisfied after yet another transfer window but the latest talk emerging will leave them hopeful.

In the last few years, Manchester United have invested heavily in their midfield by landing the likes of Bruno Fernandes, Donny van de Beek, Fred, Nemanja Matic and Paul Pogba. However, the inconsistency shown by that area has been a cause for concern. The Sun claims that Manchester United are targetting Real Madrid’s young midfield star in Federico Valverde.

From the midfield, attacking strength of Manchester United looks fearful. However, their only silver lining in their disappointing start to this season has been the form Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford. Van de Beek hasn’t been given enough chances to start the proceedings this season and Pogba hasn’t really been at his best. The defensive midfield role continues to be one with several doubts as well.

Real Madrid have put a release clause of 640 million pounds on their prospect and that is just an indication of the faith that has been invested in the 22-year-old. He is deemed to be one of the best midfielders in the world, and has already started taking over from Luka Modric at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Coming to the deal, the links actually make sense as Pogba has always dreamed of playing for Real Madrid and has never shied away from saying so.

Fortunately and unfortunately, for United fans, the deal coming through seems like a distant reach. The fans have always loved Pogba at the Old Trafford and that is largely because he is a player capable of making things happen on the field. The Frenchman, despite making his interest in playing for Real Madrid public, insists that he will give his cent percent for the Red Devils.

On the flipside, Valverde is a young and focused prospect, and his dedication to the game may put him above Pogba in the future. He is a box-to-box character, capable of running up and down the pitch for long durations in the match. Los Blancos though would certainly not prefer selling him to anybody and even the player himself seems to be happy in La Liga where his club continues to trust him.

While Federico Valverde’s move to the Old Trafford looks unlikely, the Premier League outfit should certainly keep an eye out for a defensive midfielder or someone like the Uruguayan, a box-to-box. Scott McTominay can surely be upgraded, whereas Fred and Matic have lost their flare in recent months and the club needs to act soon enough after endless disappointment in the most recent transfer periods.

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