Lionel Messi continues to be on the Manchester City radar has his Barcelona future remains under doubts.

Barcelona has been falling off with their position as one of the world’s best clubs. The Catalans have failed to perform in the UEFA Champions League for quite some while and have been subject to humiliating exits for the past few years. The team’s captain, Lionel Messi has been disappointed with the club’s performances, and with internal politics coming into play due to the recent doings of club president Josep Maria Bartomeu, the Argentina international has decided to stall on his contract renewal.

During the transfer window, there was a lot of speculation regarding the Barca number 10, with news suggesting that he would be able to make a move to any club of his will as his contract included a clause that stated he could leave at the end of the season, for free. However, that was not the case and for a club to sign the world’s best they would have to pay his full release clause of 700 million euros. The club argued that the freeride clause was only valid until June 10 and did not account for the unusual circumstances of last season.

A price that high is obviously out of the question even for a player like Messi, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the Argentine would have to wait for the end of his contract for a move away from the Camp Nou. But, the problem still pertains, not regarding the price of the 33-year-old, but his wages. 

Messi earns a staggering 646,000 euros a week, adding up to around 35 million euros a year and it is safe to say there might not be many clubs out there if any that can afford the famed number 10. But according to reports, one club might be able to and the Barcelona captain might prefer a move to the club himself. The one in question is Premier League side Manchester City.

The Sky Blues were already in talks to sign the Argentina international as the team’s manager Pep Guardiola shares a very special bond. Although no deal was materialised between the sides before, the English side’s chief operating officer Omar Berrada claims that they have the funds to back the signing of Messi.

City have also been on a downhill slope recently, with a failure to win the Champions League and even the league last year. Within his tenure at the club, Pep Guardiola has splurged a large amount of money enhancing the team and has no European trophy to show for it. Though the side has won plenty on the domestic level, the amount spent by the Spaniard to achieve just this feat seems unjustifiable.

The addition of perhaps the best player the world has ever seen would boost City’s chances at winning the European Cup by a mile, and it will be exciting to see whether Messi would be accepting a contract extension at his home club or will spend the last few years of his career in the Premier League.

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