Liverpool have been chasing the Wolves for star forward but to no avail.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp recently led his team to a Premier League victory that grabbed eyeballs. His teambuilding tactics and lead by example methods brought the Reds a much-awaited victory.

Klopp has an adamant request of still reinforcing his squad with a new forward and thus interest piqued towards Wolves’ Adama Traore. The German Coach has publically praised the 24-year-old and deems him “unplayable” after a difficult victory in a clash in January.

The hindrance to this is the Wolves who aren’t open to any discussion and have, reportedly, refused any interest in the Spaniard. With the Wolves unwilling to negotiate any deal, Liverpool have decided to ditch their attempt to keep targetting him.

However, the Coach still wants to add a forward to his ranks, and shockingly, its the youngster from Leicester City that’s the target. Harvey Barnes has had an impressive season, becoming part of the first team at merely 22 years of age. His explosive energy and running skills have made him the front runner for the League’s Golden Boot title with a whopping 23 goals under his name.

Liverpool have obviously been very impressed with him and made him a prime target for the summer signing. However, The Foxes are unwilling to let him leave the King Power stadium and a deal looks unlikely here as well.

The advantage with Barnes is his lower market value and younger age too. At 17 million pounds, he seems like a more likely candidate than Adama at  25 million pounds. It remains to be seen whether the Reds are able to secure their desired targets after being financially hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. Klopp has admitted that while signings remain a priority, finance has always been difficult to balance and all the transfers have always been reliant upon the books despite the desire to bring in new talents.

“To strengthen the squad you need money and these are uncertain times.If we have money, we will spend. If we do not know if we will have money, we probably will not spend that much. That is how it is. That is how the club has been led since before I was here.”

Source: Birmingham Mail

Image Credit- Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. Facebook

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