Lionel Messi is concerned about Barcelona planning to sell two stars for double struggling Tottenham players.

Lionel Messi has voiced his concern over Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu’s transfer policy and has demanded that the club secure quality footballers if they want him to sign a contract renewal.

While the Argentine maestro would hope that this would be enough to make the club’s board to make decisions concerning the club’s footballing quality instead of financial growth, one particular deal has baffled the Barca no. 10.

No doubt that Jose Mourinho has some excellent players under his wing but some of the Tottenham players are clearly not making a mark, and Leo doesn’t want them in the Blaugrana shirts, especially at the cost of promising Barca players. The Barca board, however, has a mind of its own.

The two players in question are Tanguy N’Dombele and Ryan Sessegnon. While N’Dombele’s transfer has been rumored for months, due to Coach Quique Setien’s insistence, Sessegnon is a new target. While these targets could be justified with Ryan perhaps being a good substitute for the left-back Jordi Alba, its the exchange of 2 good Barca players for their acquisition that is bothering Messi.

Ivan Rakitic and Samuel Umtiti have both made promising performances for the club and the Argentine Captain doesn’t desire their exit for the Spurs players. While Rakitic at 33 years of age and an expensive salary, could still be offloaded to generate income, Umtiti has surely stepped up and shown his potential with a few more years of prime football left in him, the Board surely should reconsider his sale.

What’s even more shocking is the inclusion of Umtiti in the deal and the exclusion of Junior Firpo who has had a disappointing spell this season and could have been put on the list to acquire the Englishmen.

It remains to be seen whether Messi can pull his weight and prevent this deal from happening despite what the board desires.

Image Credit – FC Barcelona Twitter

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