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Leeds United emerge as underdogs to sign Manchester City legend


It has been too long since Manchester City publicly confirmed that Sergio Aguero will be leaving the club at the end of the season. The former Atletico Madrid striker’s contract expires at the end of June making him a free agent thereafter for interested suitors in the transfer market.

90min reports that out of the several top clubs that are interested in signing the Argentinian striker, the most unexpected name is Leeds United. The Peacocks are well aware that they are underdogs in the market to sign Aguero, however, they strongly believe that the presence of Marcelo Bielsa in the dugout could turn out to be a convincing factor to get Sergio Aguero on board.

Along with Leeds, clubs such as Barcelona, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain are interested in signing the 32-year-old striker. The aforementioned clubs certainly can afford and compete for the signing of Aguero this summer, however, it is highly unlikely that the likes of Leeds United could match the offers that PSG, Chelsea or Barcelona plan to offer.

Apart from the financial aspect, Sergio Aguero is certainly not the right fit for Marcelo Bielsa. At 32, the Argentinian striker has regressed with age and injuries which has seen him lose a yard of pace along with strength.

Meanwhile, Bielsa demands his striker to be his first line of defence by continuously pressing the opposition backline which requires tremendous stamina and physical conditioning. A physical trait that Aguero has lost with age.

In fact, relying on Patrick Bamford next season would be a way smarter decision than signing the Manchester City legend. The 27-year-old striker has managed to score 14 goals this season in the Premier League and is destined to improve with time.

Meanwhile, the likes of Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona could certainly end up making a move for Sergio Aguero. The former plan on discarding Mauro Icardi and could replace the Argentine with Aguero. Meanwhile, Barca lack a thorough striker since the departure of Luis Suarez to Atletico Madrid last summer and who else but Sergio Aguero to fill in the shoes next season.