Juventus is possibly getting ready to part with one of their best players for this season following a turn of events.

Due to the oncoming of the coronavirus pandemic, the financial situation of football clubs around Europe is in trouble. Almost every club is facing an economic crisis and is trying to cut down on expenses or even putting star players up for sale to hopefully sustain their club’s finances or garner funds for possible transfers.

One such club is the Italian side Juventus. The Bianconeri are getting ready to rid themselves of one of their best players this season, the player in question is Serie-A MVP for the 2019 – 2020 season, Paulo Dybala. Although La Joya has played an enormous role under Maurizio Sarri for the Turin side this season, with the appointment of new coach Andrea Pirlo, the Argentine’s future at the club is uncertain.

The 41-year-old Italian would be looking to renovate the Zebre following an unnecessarily hard-fought league victory and a very disappointing run in the UEFA Champions League. Originally, it was decided that the sale of either Cristiano Ronaldo or Dybala would be used to spark this renovation, with the Portuguese the favorable departure, But according to La Gazette, things have now changed with the 26-year-old being the player most likely to depart.

The Argentine ‘jewel’ was bought from Palermo back in 2015 for a sum of 41 million euros, since then the value of the player has gone up following his displays of excellence against big clubs like Barcelona, and his performances this season.

In turn, Juventus expect to sell the star forward for around 90-100 million euros and also free around 250,000 euros in the wage bill. There is no shortage of teams lining up to buy the talented Argentine, and he would be a great asset for any time with his skill set. With great control over the ball, a good eye for a pass and deadly finishing the attacking threat provided by the number 10 is something every club would try to get ahold of.

There is a big chance that Dybala will not be wearing the black and white jersey next season, but there are very few clubs that will be able to afford the services of the 26-year-old, no deals are finalized or proposed yet but the Serie-A champions would likely be getting a lot of players plus cash deals to work with.

Image Credits-(c) Paulo Dybala Twitter

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