Gareth Bale is ready to be named a disgrace before leaving Real Madrid.

Real Madrid are trying to offload the expensive Welshman, and his wages along with him, but he likes Madrid according to his agent and is unwilling to leave. Bale hasn’t had much game time at the Santiago Bernabéu despite successful seasons that led to four Champions League titles.

Although he was heavily linked to a move to the Chinese side, Jiangsu Suning, in the previous summer, he managed to evade the transfer and is now seen on the bench or whiling away his time on a golf course. While his opinions clashing with manger, Zinedine Zidane, led to prolonged bench time, what’s disturbing is the fact that he doesn’t seem to object to it as long as his wages keep coming.

His previous stint with Tottenham was very successful and they would obviously like to see him back but his expensive wages make that a very distant possibility. Meanwhile, Real Madrid are clearly disappointed in him and would like him to leave. Although he has scored 105 goals for Real Madrid in 251 appearances, this season he has managed only 3 in a total of 20 appearances meaning whenever Zidane did give him an opportunity, he failed to live up to expectations.

The hindrance is that his contract runs until 2022. This means he gets roughly 15 million euros every season for spending time on a bench, it’s clear why he’s reluctant to leave. Totaling up to 60 million euros until 2022, it’s evident why the Los Blancos are adamant about finding a different employer for the Welsh international. However, at 31 years of age with such a big salary, there are very few takers that have the desire and financial power to offer Bale a contract, especially after his declining performance in recent times. Gareth has stubbornly decided to continue wasting his career in the Spanish capital, trashing his reputation further.

His agent also says he can’t be loaned out, and the only move he could be willing to consider is to join David Beckham’s MLS.

“It’s a league which is growing. A lot of players want to go there now. It’s something that would interest me. I loving going to Los Angeles on holiday. I play a lot of golf out there…” the player said.

Source AS

While it remains to be seen whether Beckham wants to spend big on a player unwilling to play football, the La Liga champions will have to tolerate the winger until they find him a new employer.

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