Former Arsenal captain Granit Xhaka has been closely linked to a move away from the club but it seems that the possibility of that happening is less.

Antonio Conte has been keeping a close eye on his midfield and he desperately wants to reinforce it with some fresh faces. For a long, he has been keeping an eye on  Granit Xhaka of Arsenal and Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante. However, the road leading to Xhaka from the Emirates Stadium has been closed as per Calciomercato.

The subject of Christian Eriksen has always meant a great deal to Antonio Conte and the rumour mill. Eriksen hasn’t settled well into his role and Kante is the fix to the current situation, in the opinion of Antonio Conte. The French International’s defensive capabilities make him a very valuable asset and an all-round midfielder.

However, it looks like Xhaka isn’t interested in a move to Inter Milan at the moment. He has earned back the respect that he lost earlier this year and is now looking pretty comfortable in England.

The only option left is now to pursue Kante, who hasn’t featured much for the Blues in the past year and a half, owing to injuries.

With Frank Lampard and his men excellently managing the World Cup-winning midfielder’s return to form, it’s highly unlikely that they are going to let him go. One must remember that Kante was linked with a move away from Stamford Bridge this summer and this is perhaps the only positive that Conte can take away from this.

It is a tricky situation to be in for the Nerazzurri manager and one must not blame him if he shows signs of desperation. Perhaps, Eriksen will be given another opportunity to prove his worth, and should he fail, one will most likely see Inter engaging in the winter window.

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