Three talking points as Cristiano Ronaldo once again steps up to rescue Juventus from Roma despite being down to 10 men

Andrea Pirlo was eager to cement his reputation with Juventus as their new manager over a victory against AS Roma who are considered worthy opponents. However, the Bianconeri were down by a goal in the first half and then went on to lose Adrien Rabiot in the second half due to a red card.

Despite being down to 10 men for almost 30 minutes of the second half, Juve managed to level the score after Cristiano Ronaldo found the net with a leaping header. The 33-year-old has now scored 450 league goals in Europe’s elite leagues and once again the Zebre were dependent on the Portuguese marksman to bail them out.

The close shave draw against Roma has not put Juventus two points behind Napoli. Andrea Pirlo’s men are set to face the league leaders this Sunday and it will be another test to prove how good a manager the former Italian midfielder is. Here are the five talking points.
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Cristiano Ronaldo once again proved why he is considered to be the best player in the world after a phenomenal performance from the 35-year-old to rescue the Turin side. The former Real Madrid man was awarded a penalty in the first half to equalize the game which was taken exceptionally well with a low bottom corner driven shot.

However, with Adrien Rabiot being sent off early in the second half. It seemed like it was all for the Bianconeri to lose. The midfield seemed a little shaky at times but the 35-year-old kept tracking back to provide options for his teammates. In the 69th minute, Danilo whipped in a cross from the right-wing. Ronaldo’s early leap seemed like a mistake, however, his impressive air time did not let him down as he managed to head home the cross.

Three goals in two games so far for the 35-year-old. It seems like Ciro Immobile will once again have to compete with Cristiano Ronaldo.

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