Reports from France stated that Cristiano Ronaldo was thinking of making a move out of Juventus, however, COVID-19 changed the situation.

After lifting the Serie-A for the record-breaking 9th consecutive time, you would think that star player Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus would be happy with the team’s performance this season. However, that is not the case with the Portugal captain as he has greater aspirations than just a league title.

Ronaldo has been phenomenal this season, with 31 goals from just 33 appearances, the numbers speak for themselves about the performance of the 35-year-old. But the same cannot be said for the whole team. Arriving from Real Madrid in 2018 after winning a three-peat of Champions League titles with arguably the best midfield in the world at the time, it was almost certain that the player would not be as happy with the squad at Turin as was in the Spanish capital.

The Juventus midfield has become an on-going joke between football fans, making remarks about the lack of creativity and inspiration in the middle of the park, and seeing the performance of the Bianconeri these claims are not far from true. Although the Italian side has the best squad on paper in the league they still have a long way to go before achieving any European success.

This is exactly what has made the Portuguese number 7 frustrated with the team and management. Ronaldo had single-handedly carried the entire team in the knockout stages of the Champions League last season, getting barely any support from the team. For the 5 times Balon D’or winner, this is not acceptable and it has compelled him to look for more promising sides with a greater chance of attaining European success.

One such team which comes to mind is Ligue-1 winners Paris Saint Germain, according to France Football. With the addition of Cristiano Ronaldo, the attacking trio so formed would be unstoppable, alongside Neymar Jr and Kylian Mbappe both of which the former Manchester United star admires. The French side also has the funds to make such a move, but unfortunately for Ronaldo, no such moves would be taking place.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic situations around the world have suffered, including those of football clubs. Due to this, any move of this magnitude is ruled out and the Juventus top scorer would have to stay in Turin, for now.

Image Credits- Cristiano Ronaldo Twitter

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