Juventus has come into contact with a Barcelona superstar who wants a move out of the Camp Nou in the summer of 2021

Manchester had considered signing Ousmane Dembele of Barcelona this summer transfer market after the club failed to sign their key target, Jadon Sancho. But, the Frenchman refused to join the Premier League side, a move that could have changed the course of his career, in the last few days of the transfer market.

The 23-year-old opted to stay with FC Barcelona, a team which he had joined back in 2017, as the club tried to fill in the void caused by the departure of one of their best players, Neymar Jr. For a fee of 105 million euros, a young prodigy showing great promise was bought from Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund, and now has been deemed as one of the worst transfers by the Catalan club.

Since his arrival, Dembele has been ridden of injuries, hardly getting any game-time for the club, and when not injured, he is either shown the bench or puts up inconsistent performances. Due to this, Barca has significantly reduced the pricing of the player and put him up for sale. Though there have been clubs interested in the Frenchman, almost no team wants a player that will be out due to injuries most of the season and that too at such a high price.

However, according to reports, Juventus have shown interest in signing the player for quite some while and will be looking to make a move next season or in 2022 when the former Dortmund man’s contract expires. The Serie-A champions have not been up to their standards for quite some while and have been extremely disappointing in the UEFA Champions League. Since Cristiano Ronaldo‘s arrival to the Turin side, all the group stage goals scored by the team have come from the Portuguese international.

This stat highlights the major issue of the lack of attacking reinforcements and goal scorers in the team, and newly appointed manager Andrea Pirlo has decided to bring in Dembele to help solve this problem. As stated before, the Frenchman’s contract ends in 2022 and Juve might push Barcelona to secure a cheap transfer in the 2021 transfer window, or they will risk losing the youngster on a free transfer. 

Though Dembele has been injury prone and a bit inconsistent, on a good day there are a few players that can outshine him on the field and he would surely make a great addition to any side. As nothing is sure of yet, it will remain to be seen what the future holds for the disgraced Barcelona man.

Image Credits-Cristiano Ronaldo Twitter

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