Lionel Messi might leave Barcelona as they fail to meet his demands.

Lionel Messi has been with Barcelona for 20 years now and hasn’t ever played for any other club. He has always been vocal about his loyalty to the club that gave him his debut and has shined for them time and time again. However, after multiple issues arising at the club and wrongful fingers being pointed at him, the maestro has threatened to leave the club in 2021 when his contract ends.

There was a time when it was taken for granted that he would never leave his boyhood club, and the prospect of him renewing his contract was more of a formality than anything else. But, ever since Quique Setien’s poor managerial skills and Josep Maria Bartomeu’s political presidentship have impacted the quality of the players, Messi seems to be angered at shouldering the entire responsibility and is trying to use his influence to bring in better management.

The biggest reason for his frustration is the over-reliance the management and team have on him, meaning he is targeted every time a match doesn’t go well. The Argentine is also very miffed by the lack of quality in the dressing room and wishes for better management that would put quality above financial gains.

Reportedly, his father, Jorge, broke off negotiations due to this and has given the board an ultimatum that Messi will only reconsider if former teammate, Xavi, is appointed as Barca’s new manager.

This now seems unlikely after the midfielder signed a contract extension for the next season with the current club, Al-Sadd. This means that the once unlikely exit of the GOAT now seems to edge closer to being a reality.

While Xavi has been vocal about his “dream” to manage Blaugrana, he is quoted stating how happy he is with Al-Sadd and his current focus remains committed to “fully equip the players for the upcoming domestic and Asian competitions.”

If things don’t improve quickly at Camp Nou, Barcelona fans could be saying goodbye to perhaps the best player of the team in a scenario no one had ever imagined. The forward seems angered at the various issues going on at the club and being wrongfully blamed for managerial problems like the replacement of former coach Ernesto Valverde. He is also vocal about his problems with the lack of talent in the squad meaning that perhaps Neymar’s return could salvage the negotiations.

Meanwhile, the LaLiga title for the Blaugranas looks like a distant possibility with rivals Real Madrid having the advantage after their controversial penalty against Atletico Bilbao. Bartomeu should look to improve his relationship with Messi in order to ensure that he is not known for being the president that forced the G.O.A.T out.

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