Barcelona are struggling with Lionel Messi and his expiring contract but the presidential candidate promises his renewal.

The current Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, has had a clashing with his squad with Lionel Messi, in particular, being upset with the management.

The Argentine maestro has threatened to leave the Camp Nou at the end of this term with Bartomeu hoping to renew his contract by reinforcing the squad with quality footballers. While the president is likely moving towards the end of his tenure on a bad note, his oppositions are taking this opportunity to strengthen their own chances in the presidential elections of 2021.

One such candidate is Victor Font, who has been a favorite among many, and promises to renew the Argentine’s contract in a spectacular fashion. Font claims that he is prepared to pay Messi a 50 million euro salary along with bringing Lautaro Martinez to the club.

He has also insisted that Luis Suarez will be allowed to remain at Camp Nou as long as he pleases with the hopes of bringing in a revolutionizing coach like Xavi Hernandez.

The candidate in an interview with the newspaper, Olérevealed his managerial intentions very clearly,

For me personally he’s a coach I’ve always liked but it’s true too that he’s not the coach we’re backing for the future.”

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While many believe that Messi will continue his career at Barca, the squad’s performance this season will largely reveal the reality of the matter as Bartomeu hopes to sign Lautaro and Neymar at the end of this season but any agreement between either of the two clubs is yet to be reached.

Lautaro’s latest poor performances might force Inter Milan to accept the fact that the striker desires a move to Camp Nou and is ready to be practically useless in Italy in order to do so. Meanwhile, Neymar’s transfer is largely dependent on Paris Saint-Germain who are now known to be prepared to part ways with the Brazilian forward, but it remains to be seen whether Barca can afford bot these transfers.

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