Barcelona might have worsened their relationship with Lionel Messi after giving him troubling news.

Lionel Messi has been having doubts about his career at Barcelona with the Argentine maestro troubled with the lack of quality in the current squad.

Barcelona are on the verge of having a trophyless season with Real Madrid looking ever so close to winning the La Liga this season. Meanwhile, the squad lost their Copa del Rey quarterfinals against Athletic Bilbao earlier this year, while also losing to Atletico Madrid in the Semi-finals of Supercopa de Espana.

In terms of the Champions League, the Catalan giants must not only win their second leg clash against Napoli but also face tough opposition from there on out. Bayern Munich are likely to be their next opponents with Real Madrid, Manchester City, Juventus, or Lyon being the possible Semi-Finalist contenders.

Lionel Messi has been clearly disappointed with the club’s performance this season which has triggered the Argentine to evaluate his future with an option to exit next season in order to find a greater competition.

Barca, however, are confident in their ability to secure their no. 10 for years to come so much so that they have dropped another bomb on him. The board are reportedly having second thoughts on Luis Suarez‘s extended stay at the Nou Camp.

The report suggests that the club are willing to sell their Uruguayan international, Luis Suarez, this summer in order to raise enough funds for their transfer targets. The management believes that the striker’s expensive salary has become a liability and at 33 years of age, he has become a shadow of his former self.

Suarez has been vocal about the club’s poor performance and has often publically blamed coach Quique Setien. He also recently claimed that Barca have no chance at winning the league this season with Real Madrid leading with 4 points. This pessimist approach along with the lack of quality and dedication he provides during matches has made the board feel that his presence is no longer needed.

Messi, however, feels that the former Liverpool striker is a key member of the squad and should not be removed. Despite this, Bartomeu is not willing to consider Leo’s opinions as he strongly believes Suarez puts the current project in danger.

There are many clubs who will surely be interested in acquiring the 33-year-old with the only problem being his expensive salary. Barca are reportedly ready to accept an offer of 20 million euro with Italy’s AC Milan being the most interested party.

His departure will surely upset Messi and could potentially be the last straw which could result in his departure before the presidential election next season.

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