Barcelona boss, Ronald Koeman, has placed club president in a tough position after threatening to leave.

The newly appointed manager, Ronald Koeman, has made Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, aware of his concerns regarding the latest Lionel Messi demands.

The Argentine maestro has been forced to remain at the Nou Camp despite publically desiring a move away. While the club captain has stated that being forced will not hinder his performance, the long battle against Bartomeu will have its toll.

Koeman has arrived at Barca to rejuvenate the struggling side, with multiple players said to leave this transfer window as part of a massive rebuilding project. Veterans like Arturo Vidal, Ivan Rakitic, and Luis Suarez have been told by the Dutch coach that they are no longer needed at the club.

Meanwhile, Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, and Gerard Pique have been made aware that their positions in the first-team are subject to their performances. While the manager has been given the power to shift the entire team dynamic, Messi has reportedly asked the management to keep Suarez at all cost.

The Argentine wants his best friend to remain the undisputed no. 9 while coach Koeman is strongly against the decision. Suarez has been strongly linked with a move to Juventus, to potentially create a lethal attacking frontline alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.

While a dispute over transfer fee was said to make the move difficult, Messi’s continuation at Barca has put all transfer talks on hold. Leo wants the Uruguayan to maintain his position in the first-team against Koeman’s desire, and this has caused a major problem for Bartomeu.

Reports claim that Koeman has felt that the authority over the decisions promised by Bartomeu will not be fulfilled if Suarez remains at the club. The Dutch international has left his role with the Netherland national team to take over this tough rebuilding project and believes that having full power is a must to bring about a positive change.

Koeman has allegedly threatened to resign if the management does not keep their word, but it seems that Messi has no control over the decision making as Bartomeu continues to rule the board.

Image Credit – Barcelona Facebook

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