Borussia Dortmund to rescue Barcelona by signing their struggling winger to replace departing Jadon Sancho.

Real Madrid and Manchester United have been keen on securing Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho this summer, but have openly refused to pay the 120 million euro asking fee.

The German side are reluctant to reduce their sale price as they regard Sancho as a sensational player but have ironically lined up his alternative hinting towards a possible agreement with a certain club.

Evening Standard reports that Manchester United have reached personal terms with the player but do not want to spend above 80 million euros on a single signing while Dortmund are being adamant about not going below 110m.

Having said that, Dortmund’s sporting director Michael Zorc has made a public statement that clearly states that the player is likely to leave the Bundesliga this summer with the club already having a few wingers listed as the ideal replacements.

“If Jadon left, we would go back to strengthening our offense. There are certainly one or two players that we have in mind” Zarc told Kicker (via ES.)

This has led many to believe that the negotiations with the unnamed successor to Sancho have already begun with Ousmane Dembele‘s name being among the list. The reason why the struggling Barcelona winger makes perfect sense is because of the similarities between the two players.

Sancho and Dembele have a very similar player profile and the French international’s history with the German side will surely help his case. Ousmane Dembele has had a poor spell at Camp Nou which has been overshadowed with recurring injuries ever since his arrival back in 2017 but he continues to be regarded as one of the most promising players in world football, as clubs have not forgotten his performance when he was fit.

Dortmund are now preparing to give the not yet 23-year-old a golden chance to relive his successful years with the club but they are not the only ones considering Dembele. Manchester United have also been reportedly interested in the Frenchman as his transfer value is set at 55 million euros, half of the amount they need to secure Sancho.

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