Barcelona are now left to rue the blunders they committed in the transfer market some years ago.

As per a tweet from Luis Omar Tapia who is a reliable Champions League pundit, Barcelona could have signed Alphonso Davies but rejected the prospect because he is a Canadian. This must be one of the biggest transfer blunders in recent times committed by Josep Maria Bartomeu and the reasoning for it is just absurd. To make things worse, the attacking defender has quickly evolved into one of the best wing-backs in the world.

In their 8-2 thrashing, Barcelona had salt rubbed on their wounds when Davies made a mockery of their defence and assisted a brilliant goal scored by Joshua Kimmich. In a matter of seconds, the youngster showed what Barcelona was lacking; depth at the back. The average age of the squad is horrible to look at and the Blaugrana deserved the thrashing because of the way they played.

There was no evident intensity in the players, and it seemed like the side had given up before the match even began. Suarez missed out a couple of chances because of the lack of pace in his legs which suggests that the entire situation could have been a lot more different than what it amounted to be, thanks to the incompetent signings made by the Catalans’ board

Alphonso Davies at Barcelona could have perhaps helped the club avoid the situation and the mess they are currently in. It is a deep pit that the board and the players have dug for themselves and it will take rebuilding from the scratch just to get out of the hole. It is safe to say that going by the current rate, Barcelona might just be the next AC Milan in the making.

The club’s has been so pathetic this season that out of the 8 goals conceded by Barcelona in their quarter-final clash against Bayern, Marc-Andre ter Stegen was powerless in about 6 of them. The defence lacks pace and discipline and it is going to take a lot more than just a few signings to get them back on track, not to mention a severely underperforming forward line anyway.

There must be changes at the club at  many levels and it is now or never that the club does the required things. Hopefully, the next season promises to be a much better one. Davies is one whose move will be left to regret by the club, whose board has made innumerable decisions that have come back to haunt them in recent years.

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