Barcelona to lose a major signing to Atletico Madrid.

Lionel Messi has been critical of the lack of talent in the current Barcelona squad quite a few times this season. With this regard, he has also demanded and suggested a few signings as well as exits to the management.

One such major target is Nicolas Tagliafico, who has been on the Barca radar due to Messi’s insistence. However, being such a highly-valued player, the Argentine national is fielding so many offers and Barcelona’s slow approach will surely cost them the player.

While Jordi Alba is one of the best left-backs in the world, he does need a reliable substitute and with the sub-par performance of Junior Firpo, the desire is to get the Ajax defender and lay off Firpo. Messi’s compatriot has not only proved himself at Amsterdam but has also been a great addition to the Argentina National team and could surely bring up the quality at Camp Nou.

Club President, Josep Maria Bartomeu’s reluctance to take any action might lead them to lose this important target to Atletico Madrid. Because of his amazing form, many clubs have been keeping an eye on the situation and Atletico seem to be front runners in the race.

Ajax have recently lost many players including Barcelona’s Frenkie de Jong, and now Tagliafico also desires a tempting departure. According to Goal, the player will be moving to Spain but not to Camp Nou as Atletico are planning to lure him to Wanda Metropolitano instead.

Meanwhile, major Premier League giants like Manchester City and Chelsea will also be keeping a close eye on the situation. At roughly 25 million euros, and his powerful performance, the 27-year-old is surely a good bargain for any club that gains him.

Bartomeu must truly start finalizing his transfer plans as the current approach of making bids for multiple targets will only lead to mismanagement that could, in turn, result in them losing many major signings for cheap. The current targets like Lautaro Martinez and Neymar are not only expensive but also uncertain. If the club does not actively look to secure the talents, someone else surely will.

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