Barcelona are opting to secure an alternative winger after finding the negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain for Neymar impossible.

After a lot of speculation this season, Neymar seemed very close to making a move to Barcelona, with the Parisiens also finally ready to negotiate a deal. The problem the Spanish giants kept facing was the expensive transfer fees and then his equally expensive wages. While they tried to offer up players like Ousmane Dembele and Antoine Griezmann to the French side, it was to no avail despite Neymar’s desire to move back to Camp Nou.

With the current coronavirus situation, Barca is hit financially and is strapped for cash. Although they’ve put quite a few players on the market, they would rather spend the earnings on acquiring multiple players to boost the talent rather than on one single player. While the Spanish side were keen on securing the Brazilian at Lionel Messi’s behest, it looks like this summer the transfer won’t go through.

With regards to this, Barcelona are now eyeing Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace as an alternative to the attacker. While coach Quique Setien wants to focus on training the squad for the upcoming Champions League clash against Napoli, he is equally invested in finding reinforcements for the next season despite having an uncertain future.

According to reports, the Premier League side player wants to leave his club, especially after his exit to Arsenal failed last year. Zaha has been an attacking force for his club and the Blaugrana could definitely use someone with his skills in their squad.

The Catalans shouldn’t have a very difficult time negotiating a release, with the manager of Crystal palace adding that while they enjoy his services, ultimately if the player wants to leave, he should be valued where he goes.

“He’s a very valuable player and the club realises his value and appreciates his value and so really everything will depend I guess  – as it always does – [on] what sort of offers the club is going to receive for him and how they will equate that with the need to keep him or the need, maybe, to satisfy his wishes, and allow him to go after giving good service to the club for a period of time.”

Source: Goal

With the 27-year-old valued at roughly 80 million pounds, the Catalans will have to decide which expensive winger they want to consider signing with their limited budget.

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