About Us

Football is a global sport that unites billions around the world. Regardless of race, The Beautiful Game’s followers are treated week in and week out to shows from their favourite teams.


European football is arguably the most kaleidoscopic world with a fandom from all across. We seek to provide our readers with an all-new aspect of analysis and discussion hand-in-hand with the latest transfer news, along with the latest matchday coverage of their beloved clubs.


Our vision is to create and provide everyone with a welcoming environment, where opinions are heard and respected. We believe in a global community and keep ourselves open to more collaborations and expansions with regard to our mission, which is to deliver the latest on European football.

We aim to treat the faithful of football, futbol or soccer, as they like to call it, with a unique experience on-board The Football Empire.



Atharva Khadilkar- Founder

Atharva is the founder of The Football Empire. An avid Real Madrid fan, he is a student in sport management and data analytics at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, keen on making his dreams a reality. Atharva is a popular author on Google News and has penned over 2,500 articles in over three years, pulling in over 50 million views in his career so far.

He believes that football is the answer to and respite from all the negative grappling the world. This website is a manifestation of his dream- which is to develop an analysis and opinion-based network of the latest football developments.

Ranoveer Neogi- Head of Operations

Ranoveer is an aficionado of The Beautiful Game and a religious follower. A winger on the pitch, he loves to read a match while its happening and draw out conclusions at the end of it. His experience in playing semi-professional football has helped him become a better writer over the last couple of years. He believes that football brings together people from across the planet without distinguishing the race and its mass following is contagious on a good tune. Ranoveer handles editorial and operational duties on our network.