A shambolic Barcelona experienced a historically horrific defeat against Bundesliga champions, Bayern Munich, in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

It’s becoming almost an annual event where Barcelona fans experience their club’s embarrassing defeats in the Champions League against the many European elites. The Spanish giants have not won the European title since 2015 after losing in horrific ways in the many stages of the tournament.

In 2017, Barca lost 3-0 to Juventus failing to recover at Camp Nou in the second leg going 0-0. In the follower year, 2018, the club beat Italian side, AS Roma 4-1 at home only to lose the second leg 3-0 to be kicked out of the tournament on away goal rule. The major defeat against Liverpool came in 2019 when a demotivated Barca failed to keep their 3-0 lead from the Premier League giants who managed to pull off a historic comeback after scoring 4-0 at Anfield.

Culers around the world knew that going in the match against tournament favorites Bayern Munich will likely result in a defeat but none would have imagined witnessing a massacre. Fans were not naive to believe in the struggling Barca squad who failed to lift a single trophy this season but were simply hopeful that a single-leg quarter-finals draw could potentially turn either way with a simple act of a miracle. Unfortunately, the squad could not deliver and manage to achieve a historic 8-2 defeat against the German side.

Here are five talking points from Bayern Munich’s dominant performance against Barcelona:

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