A stylish finish for Barcelona as they defeat Alaves 5-0 in their last league match.

Barcelona finishes this season’s La Liga campaign with an electrifying performance against Alaves, giving fans hope for the upcoming Champions League matches.

The Catalan side have truly struggled this season after dropping their initial lead in the Spanish League to rivals, Real Madrid. Despite sacking their earlier manager, Ernesto Valverde, the squad have failed to find the necessary improvements to secure even a single trophy this season.

The Champions League is now the only trophy available, with the Spanish giants grouped with the most elite teams in world football where Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Lyon, and Juventus, could all potentially be in their path to the finals.

While Blaugrana have just over two weeks to prepare for their second-leg clash against the Italian side, Napoli, the squad have excited the fans after their 5-0 dominance over Alaves following the loss to Osasuna 2-1 just a few days prior.

Here are the five talking points from that electrifying performance,

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