Brighton after beating Liverpool, (c) Premier League Twitter.

3 talking points from Brighton’s shock win over Liverpool

Anfield was breached for the second time in two weeks as Brighton further dented Liverpool hopes of retaining the Premier League.

Liverpool were dealt a fatal blow in hopes of retaining their title when they suffered a second straight loss at home, this time against Brighton. The Reds’ fortress was breached for the second time in two games after another lackluster showing. Liverpool had a chance to break the deadlock in just three minutes when Salah missed an opportunity to capitalize.

Brighton eventually grew into the game and had chances of their own. The Seagulls mounted the pressure on a makeshift Liverpool backline and created multiple chances to score. Their lucky break came after half time when Steven Alzate scored to break the deadlock.

Liverpool tried to respond with substitutions of Divock Origi and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. However, they failed to provide the spark that was required as ultimately all their efforts went down the drain. Brighton registered a historic win at Anfield to steer clear of the relegation zone while Liverpool’s hopes of retaining the title look bleak now. 

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Liverpool’s record this season against teams down at the bottom end of the table is absolutely awful. Pre-kick-off, it was just one win from six this season. Falling behind before the hour mark, it was very much a sense of Deja Vu because, quite simply, Liverpool had created nothing up until that point and struggled against another deep defence.

They were great with organization, far better for set-pieces, and a lot more accurate with their passing in the final third. One win in seven games against the bottom-six sides leaving Liverpool out of the picture in the running for the Premier League only goes on to show how many points have been dropped.